“I had the pleasure of having Matt within my team within SAP Digital Marketing. Matt contributed to priority level marketing programs which defined the structure and taxonomy of SAP.com. As part of a global organization and managing a large, complex enterprise website worldwide the role required interaction with many teams in over 70+ countries. While Matt was very personable with our internal clientele, he brought excellent communication skills, exceptional attention to detail, and expressed a depth of technical insight. Matt’s engagement with our internal customers and daily collaboration with our internal content strategy teams, web design leads, and technical analysts made him instrumental to any project to structure complex relationships, document intricate user-flows, and demystify persona use-cases into usable, logical, and physical content structures. Coupled with his in-depth knowledge of industry best-practices, customer-centric interaction patterns, and usability standards, Matt offered a powerful combination of business, technical knowledge, and temperament that would provide a great advantage to any organization.”