Lenfest Center – Squash Smarts

Philadelphia – PA – Founded in 2007 by H. Chase Lenfest, the Lenfest Center is a community center serving the Hunting Park neighborhood offering a wide variety of programs for young people (whom we call ‘scholars’) in grades K through 12. Through academic, athletic, and enrichment programming, the Lenfest Center fosters the educational, physical, and social-emotional health of 260 school-aged youth and their families, thereby supporting current and future generations to thrive and live happy, healthy lives.
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The Five Pillars

(1) Academic Support, (2) Squash Instruction, (3) Fitness and Nutrition, (4) Personal Achievement, and (5) Leadership. Students also participate in competitive squash opportunities, community service projects, cultural outings, and special events.

Squash Smarts – AlkemyX
H. Chase and Ana Maria Lenfest Foundation Center

SquashSmarts is dedicated to improving the lives of underserved youth from Philadelphia public schools by providing intensive, long-term academic tutoring and squash instruction, while imparting high standards of personal integrity, health and fitness, and service to the community.

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