Investing in Spatial

Giving digital content a sophisticated awareness of the user’s physical and social worlds creates opportunities for never-before-possible experiences.

Bringing digital objects into the real world.
Digital content can lend more meaning and richness to the way people encounter and experience the real world.

Experiences respond to your surroundings.
Digital artifacts recognize and interact with tangible reality, enabling new modes of storytelling paired with magical, immersive experiences. This allows data—labels, cues, and instructions to be connected with real-world objects in fluid and compelling ways.

Imagine digitally augmenting your environment.
A blank wall can become a video screen for movies, photos, games etc.. A tabletop becomes a dynamic landscape or a virtual pub table to meet up with friends. An empty space becomes a three-dimensional sculpture, allowing you to interact with art in amazing ways. The possibilities are endless…

Let digital objects respect real-world rules.
You can engage with a digital object from any angle, walk around it, or let it fall to the floor and roll beneath furniture. You determine whether objects follow or deliberately bend real-world rules like physics to build convincing experiences and perform digital magic.
Our digital lives can exists in the physical world, extending it beyond the computer screen. It can bring personal digital content into the physical world. No longer confined to a screen, we can meld your digital life with the space around you, enabling persistent and expansive experiences.

New types of sharing and social interactivity are possible.
You can see and interact with shared digital objects, and remote friends or colleagues can have a presence in your living room, office, showroom, construction site etc.
This is a new kind of human-computer interactivity, one we’re all exploring together.