Euclideon Rooms

  • Unlimited Detail: The Hologram Room utilizes the most powerful point cloud renderer on the planet. Sub-millimeter accuracy over kilometer ranges? No problem.
  • Import: Import traditional polygon models to arrange alongside point cloud data seamlessly
  • Project Management: Have everything exactly how you left it. Load and save Geoverse MDM projects directly from the Hologram Room.
  • Flexible Models: Arrange your scene exactly how you desire. Powerful manipulation tools allow you to scale, transform and rotate your scene data
  • Bookmarks and Labels: Use Bookmarks to store important camera locations for recall and Labels for at-a-glance reference. Then use them in tandem for automated flythroughs for presentations
  • Measure: Perform accurate measurement across hectares of point-cloud and polygon data. Compare the fit of your design with your built-in scans

Unlimited Detail and the Vault is at the core of all of Euclideon’s products and is recognized around the world as one of the most efficient technologies for visualizing 3D data.