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Euclideon Vault is a new suite of geospatial software that can manage, view, and manipulate massive point cloud data, and stream UNLIMITED DETAIL™ models on user's devices.

EFFICIENTLY HANDLE MASSIVE FILE SIZES (up to Petabytes which is over 1000 Terabytes)

Vault Client can seamlessly convert files to Euclideon’s UNLIMITED DETAIL™ format (UDS), allowing teams to render unlimited quantities of data in real-time. Combine multiple data models, and compress files without any loss of quality.

It’s compatible with most industry point cloud file formats: LAS, PTS, PTX, TXT/CSV, E57, XYZ, ASC


Re-engineering these business streams allows technology and operations teams to visualize their data in the most innovative and collaborative ways possible.

Teams now have access control to a digital enterprise solution that can outperform existing methods of capturing and planning project improvements.

Enable data driven decision making for your organization and your clients by tracking, monitoring and optimizing the performance of their field assets.

Help reduce operations costs; with a scalable and flexible IoT model that connect and manage assets.


Your models can be stored locally on your computer, network, or securely in the cloud. Allows Internet of Things (IOT), GPS and other real-time feeds.

Collaboration tools that will allow users around the world to remotely work together simultaneously on the same massive point cloud data

Temporal visualization of models – i.e., new scans of parts of the model can be included, and different time/date stamps can be viewed and compared.

Euclideon Vault SDK

The Vault Development Kit (“VDK”) will allow businesses to utilize the various features of the Vault ecosystem to enhance existing products, or create new ones. Information created via VDK can be accessed through other VDK enhanced products allowing seamless integration across multiple products.

The VDK provides access to the patented Unlimited Detail renderer, approved through the Vault Server licenses for 3rd party applications. Developers are able to use the VDK to enhance existing products or to write new ones that take full advantage of Euclideon’s Point Cloud Rendering capabilities as well as all the other Vault features such as IOT live feed, Projects, converting, etc.

Digitize project sites, and improve processes related to time, labor, material, and equipment. While you build our future, understand what matters most to you and your team.